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The Brazilian band Hangar was founded in 1997 by drummer Aquiles Priester. The initial aim was just playing cover songs. But one year later Hangar recorded an album with their own song material, called Last Time, released in Brazil in 1999. In 2000, Aquiles Priester joint the band Di'Anno (with former Iron Maiden singer, Paul Di'Anno), and recorded the album Nomad, followed by a national tour. 2001 Aquiles was confirmed as Angra's new drummer, the biggest act of Brazilian melodic heavy metal. Up to now, he recorded three studio albums, one EP and a live album with Angra, besides having done three world tours. That same year, August 2001, Hangar's successor to Last Time was released: Inside Your Soul. In February 2003, Hangar did a tour in the northeast of Brazil, and playing to a very expressive number of fans. The song "To Tame a Land" became number one on Rádio Cidade, a radio station of Recife. After numerous changes of musicians, Hangar started to record in 2006 the album The Reason Of Your Conviction, in São Paulo, Brazil. Ten songs composed by the band as well as a cover version of "Breaking all the Rules" (Peter Frampton). This current album was mixed and mastered by Tommy Newton (UFO, Helloween, Conception, Ark, Elegy) at Area 51 Recording Studios in Celle, Germany, in March 2007. The Reason Of Your Conviction is a concept album and speaks of the human mind and all alterations that can occur during a frustrating period in a normal person´s life. This person discovers new sensations through the death of other people. In a desperate search for forgiveness, he discovers that he became a potential serial killer and spends his life trying to re-counter his equilibrium. The Reason Of Your Conviction marks the beginning of a new phase in Hangar´s career.