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Founded in June 2000, named after a seventies super-8 porn-flick, the HHC is full throttle rock with a modern appeal. The devil (and what a devil!), however, is in the detail, and the four real Berliners' truly remarkable qualities are best appreciated live and in the flesh. While most bands are frittening their time away going through the motions with rock-music-by-numbers, the "Club" are focused on the essentials: Catchy, distinctive and hard hitting but melodic tunes. The characteristic delivery of the material ranges from high octane rock'n'roll to hellbound down-tuned stoner rock, vocals ranging from deep-throated roar to laid-back story-telling. Ultimately, it's the energetic, practically overwhelming performances that make the concerts real hits, having supported for the likes of Rose Tattoo, Gluecifer, Peepshows, D.A.D, Supersuckers, Zodiac Mindwarp, Mad Sin, Bones and Sodom! This is no identikit showband, rather a posse of one-offs, each strong individual embodies personality and instrument totally. Together, however, they form an absolutely symbiotic aggregate, as satisfyingly numbing, powerful and reliable as a V8 engine.