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The dark chasms and steep rises of the Black Forest mountains have witnessed the rise and fall of empires in bloody battles and glorious history. Celts, Romans and Germanic tribes have lived and perished in these fog ridden, harsh and yet exquisite landscapes. The ancient past and lost peoples left lingering feelings of longing and a deep melancholy, which none have ever captured more intensively than native IMPERIUM DEKADENZ on their fourth full-length "Meadows of Nostalgia". The German duo manages to enhance and deepen its intricate atmospheric style, which already received high praise for their previous album "Procella Vadens" (2010). Although this music evolved out of Norwegian Black Metal, IMPERIUM DEKADENZ soon built their own sonic realm on majestic structures imbued with fierce darkness, which are contrasted by melodic interludes and fragile acoustic parts. Founded in the year 2004, the band quickly gained a dedicated following with debut album "…und die Welt ward kalt und leer" (2006) as well as the follow-up "Dämmerung der Szenarien" (2007). Lyrically IMPERIUM DEKADENZ still clad metaphors of human transience, ashes, dust and shadows into an antique attire with a penchant for the Roman Empire, while declining to deal with stereotypical political, religious or misanthropic genre themes. The obvious intelligence behind their complex and multi-layered compositions and lyrics combined with emotional passion and intuitive skill turns "Meadows of Nostalgia" into a dark masterpiece. Delve deep into the secrets and detailed riches of IMPERIUM DEKADENZ. Glory to the new German emperors!

1.  Durch das Tor...
2.  Brigobannis
3.  Aue der Nostalgie
4.  Ave Danuvi
5.  Memoria
6.  Aura Silvae
7.  Der Unweg
8.  Striga
9.  Tränen des Bacchus

Vespasian: drums, e-guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, synthesizer
Horaz: vocals, e-guitar, synthesizer