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With over a decade under their belts Kryptos has long been considered one of the spearheads of metal in India. With their roots firmly entrenched in the glorious 80?s, Kryptos stands defiant as a true bastion of the holy trinity of 'metal, denim and leather'. Formed in 1998 Kryptos combines the aesthetics of 80?s thrash and pure melodic metal with some good old fashioned doom thrown in for good measure. Having released two highly acclaimed albums among the underground scene in their home country and other parts of the world, Kryptos supported the mighty Iron Maiden in India in 2009 and became the first Indian metal band to complete a cross country tour of Europe playing in countries like Germany, Hungary and Switzerland with headbangers all over hailing the band's powerful live act. With a third album scheduled for early 2011 and a second European tour in the works for late next year, Kryptos continue to proudly carry the flag for Indian heavy metal. Long live the old school! Line up: Nolan Lewis - Vocals/Guitars Rohit Chaturvedi - Guitars Jayawant Tewari - Bass Ryan Colaco - Drums Discography: Spiral Ascent (2004) The Ark of Gemini (2008)