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A Million Miles
A Million Miles is a female fronted heavy metal band from Hamburg. Since their formation in 2008 they've toured throughout Germany, the UK and across all over of Europe with their intense and intriguing live shows & unique brand of rock. In 2009 A Million Miles supported American hardcore legends Biohazard and in the same year released their EP "Left" which gained the band high praise by both fans and European press. In spring 2010 they headlined Finland´s "Female Fronted Rock Metal Tour", and went on to storm the stage with headline dates & festival shows over Germany, the UK, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland & Poland, including a showcase at Wacken Open Air 2012. The band already shared the stages with bands such as Biohazard, Godsized or Mustasch. A Million Miles stand alone with their own sound that mixes classical heavy metal, hard rock and stoner elements into a modern mosh pit of memorable metal & harmonic double lead guitar riffs complemented by front-woman Mona´s dynamic & melodic vocals that offer a brutal feminine twist to a male dominated genre of rock. After constantly & do-it-yourself ethic touring over Europe, A Million Miles are currently working on the release of their first full-length album "What´s Left Behind", produced by Eike Freese / Dark Age. The band is planning to release the album in early 2013.

PRESSESTIMMEN: "Germany's "A Million Miles" were up next, and in complete contrast to the two preceeding acts. Their fast paced, thrashy "Pantera-influenced" blend of Stoner metal was raw with violence and anger (...)" Dominiom Magazine, UK "A Million Miles hingegen setzen auf Pantera-Riffs im Stoner-Gewand, Guano Apes- Ohrwurmfaktor und die Stimmgewalt ihrer Frontfrau Mona Miluski. Fazit: Diese Band sollte man im Auge behalten." Metal Hammer "Im sick of soundalike/copycat bands and its about time that there was a fucking good genre leading band stepping up to the plate. A Million Miles are the band that do this, epically well!!! Circle Pit "Metal mit fettem Stoner-Einschlag und Frauengesang bekommt man in dieser ueberzeugenden Form nicht alle Tage zu hören. A MILLION MILES aus Hamburg verstehen ihr Handwerk: Die Instrumentierung ist tight und solide verzahnt, dazwischen schneidet sich Fronterin Mona mit ihrem dreckigen, aber stets emotionalen Organ." Rock Hard "With their commanding hard rocking, high energy stage presence A MILLION MILES from Hamburg, Germany cannot fail to leave a lasting impression on their audience.The band play with a passion and intensity which forces you to give them your full attention. Combined with skilful musicianship, catchy riffs, killer guitar solos, perceptive melodies and relentless gurns, growls and screams from Mona, this band clearly have immeasurable potential which they are only just beginning to realise. Be sure to catch them the next time you can!! Ruins Of Ayanez "As for the new album itself, call it one of the biggest surprises to come across my desk in 2012..." Carl Begai, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles