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The Negator is back!
Since his foundation in 2003 and his glorious flak salvos OLD BLACK (2004), DIE EISERNEN VERSE (2005) and PANZER METAL (2010) T-H-E figurehead concerning extreme Metal from Germany – The NEGATOR – return 2013 with a new declaration of war.
The debut OLD BLACK immediately caused a stir within the extreme core of the metal-scene. This wildfire was to be extended with the 2005 Release DIE EISERNEN VERSE.
Within a short period of time Negator advanced to the position of an indispensable force concerning the German Black Metal-Scene. In order to manifest their position, Negator went on to conduct a successful  and glorious campaign through Europe alongside Co-Headliners Koldbrann.
Shortly afterwards internal restructuring took place as founding member Trolfbert wanted to concentrate on his successor-Band Pantheion.
In 2006 he handed over the sceptre to Nachtgarm who then was in charge to work on the band’s development.  Nachtgarm‘s first official act was the recruitment of Finnskald (Ex-Drautran) as another new and solid bandmember. By having solved this personal matter, the foundation for the then premature crown jewels was set up.  This congenial duo together wrote the album which was supposed to define Negator’s musical efforts: PANZER METAL.
This very record unleashed in 2010 provided Negator with unseen and vital momentum, so that Negator was invited to play two of the most prestigious Open Air Festivals in 2011: The Wacken Open Air as well as the With Full Force Festival.
- Negator – The Bringer Of War -
At this point in time Nachtgarm was not only the singer of Negator, but had also joined Swedish Black Metal-Kings Dark Funeral as their new vocalist.  Due to the high amount of gigs with Dark Funeral Negator showed themselves a little bit more restrained in 2012 with regard to playing live. Concerning their creativity, however, for writing and composing a thunderous successor of 2010’s highly appreciated PANZER METAL the band’s ambitious flame was still burning on a very high level.

Consequently, the band inked a deal with Germany’s very own Label Viva Hate Records which already showed their skills in bringing forth quality music with acts such as Agalloch, Der Weg Einer Freiheit and Long Distance Calling. In December 2012 the Negator went straight for the Hammer Studios with producer Eike Freese (Gamma Ray, Callejon, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Dark Age among others) in order to get the new record – GATES TO THE PANTHEON – in shape.

- Lined up to create values – made to be indispensable! -


Nachtgarm: Vocals

Finnskald: Guitars

Kliffjård: Guitars

Hjalmort: Bass

Samebrann: Drums