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ICS Vortex has since his debut on the international metal scene with Norwegian Avantgarde Black Metallers Borknagar – in 1998 on their “The Archaic Course” album – been one of the world’s highest profiled extreme metal personalities. This 6.66 ft Viking has, in addition to handling the clean vocals and bass in Dimmu Borgir(1998-2009), been heavily active as a studio musician and has about 15 major releases in a large variety of different styles of Metal on his back, as well as a decade of restless worldwide touring experience with different groups. The B.C. Rich ICS Vortex Signature bass-guitar is one of many examples of the appreciation and demand for this artist.

ICS Vortex’s debut album “Storm Seeker” is a havoc of groovy metal attitude mixed with 70’s prog, stoner rock and his signature clean vocals. Catchy, riff based, and free of album fillers, ICS Vortex anchors the 45 minutes trip into the storm on the solid foundation of the ICS Vortex trademarks. The dark waters of ICS Vortex take you from the abyss to the raging waves and maroons you smiling somewhere in space. “Storm Seeker” is no concept album, but the songs are linked by an “All in!” attitude, mixed with love and respect for the storms in man. The opening track “The Blackmobile” combines the drive of raw Black Metal riffing with the total absence of grim vocals. When the vocal harmonies hit, you will nevertheless praise the beast… Not the evil-medieval one, but the horned ram on the panzer of a dodge! The ICS Vortex wave pioneers on, song by song, adding references and styles as the horizon expands. From Shakespearian death to gambling and from cravings to downfall, “Storm Seeker” is a gallows-humored epic tribute to the shabby demons of mankind. Commanding tracks like “Skoal!”, “Dogsmacked”, “Oil in Water” or “Odin’s Tree” are a stylistic brew of tasty pagan ingredients in a dirty metal pot. A wide array of delicious variety and well-balanced spicing intensity, fried in very best classic Norwegian style to a truly unique flavor experience for the accomplished consumer.

ICS Vortex (Simen Hestnæs) is currently also active in:
Arcturus and Borknagar.