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Chinchilla Take No Prisoners After the successful Madtropolis CD, on which Ex-Motörheads and Fastways legendary guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke had a guest performance with the Solo on "When the sand darkens the sun", Udo Gerstenmeyer began writing songs in October 2003 for the new album; "Take no prisoners". His main aim was to continue the distinctive guitar sounds - one of Chinchilla's major trademarks. Roberto Palacios, the new bass player, added to this process, bringing with him a new freshness to the distinctive Chinchilla sound. Roberto also brought Stefan Leibing, the solo guitar player of Primal Fear into the band to play the great guitar solo on Money talks. >From all this the band were able to start on the new record "Take no prisoners" in February 2004. At the same time the lyrics that have been written for this new record go into the eternal confrontation of good and bad while adhering to the Chinchilla style. "Everything between life and death are the main features of the lyrics of Chinchilla." "Chinchilla is consciously going into some of the major social problems of humanity and their behaviour. With the finished record, Chinchilla began to change the way they approached their musical careers. Chinchilla was touring with SAXON in Europe on September 2004. In august 2004 Ingmar Schelzel and Udo Gerstenmeyer put the finishing touches on "Take no prisoners". A new record was born, with dominating guitars, a powerful rhythm section, reserved background keyboards and the powerful voice of Thomas Laasch. With this production they leave us with the definitive statement: "We take no prisoners"