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Night in Gales

Formed in early 1995 in Voerde, Germany, Night in Gales have been part of a new breed of melodic death metal bands who combined the music's chaotic intensity and abrasive vocals with classic, structured metal riffs and a surprising sense of melody. The band recorded its first demo, Sylphlike, a few months after forming, and on its merits scored a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast. Their debut album, Towards the Twilight, appeared in 1997, and after many tours with the likes of In Flames, Dismember, Cradle Of Filth, Death or Dimmu Borgir, numerous single shows and the following albums Thunderbeast (1998, Nuclear Blast), Nailwork (2000, Nuclear Blast) and Necrodynamic (2001, Massacre), Night In Gales went on a 10 year hiatus, only interrupted by the Ten Years Of Tragedy EP (2005, self released). In 2011 Night In Gales returned with the melodic death metal masterpiece Five Scars (2011, Lifeforce), which combined all of the band's trademarks with a never before seen vigour. Yet Five Scars was also the swan song for long time vocalist Björn Gooßes, who left the band in fall 2012 after a successful live run for this album. The latest release Ashes & Ends (2014, Divebomb) is a combination of demos, b-sides and rarities and Night In Gales are working on a new album (With a soon to be announced new frontman) as you read this.