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Their music may be modern, fast, aggressive and even extraordinary. but EPITOME's music should best be described by one simple word: Experience
EPITOME was formed on this earth in August 2012, to celebrate and embrace one thing: METAL! They play the now famed "Swedish Metal" style combined with hardcore elements and groovy 80's solo, but that wouldn't be enough to describe this bands entire musical universe. The riffs are "straight in your face", the melodies burning right into your ears and the live show is like a "light bulb moment". and you need to see it to fully comprehend.
EPITOME doesn't follow certain trends, nor do they use clean vocals to sugarcoat their songs. They are just Metal all the way, straight from their hearts, lungs and amps! And talking about Experience, EPITOME's members are no strangers to the world of Hard'n Heavy Music.
Vocalist and mastermind of EPITOME is David, during his time as the vocalist for BLOODWORK he has played on some of metal's biggest and famed stages: WITH FULL FORCE, SUMMERBREEZE and the iconic WACKEN OPEN AIR not once, but three times in a row!
His musical CV boasts from being a drummer, vocalist and guitarist for previous bands BLOODWORK, TORIAN, SILENT DECAY, THE DISPLAY, SLYDE and PRIDE SHALL FALL and with over 150 shows under his belt, David refers to Europe's metal stages as his home. And this is just the beginning know there's a lot more to come from him and his fellow band members!